Sipma PS 1315 HUZAR fixed chamber round baler

Harga belum termasuk PPN:
350.771.532 IDR
20.290 EUR
Harga belum termasuk PPN:
350.771.532 IDR
20.290 EUR
Kelompok produkRound baler
Merek / modelSipma PS 1315 HUZAR fixed chamber round baler
Tahun pembuatan2020
Extra optionsNew/unused
Lokasi mesinBiałystok
ID Mascus09475C4A
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Harga belum termasuk PPN:350.771.532 IDR  (20.290 EUR)
PPN (23%)80.677.452 IDR
Harga termasuk PPN431.448.984 IDR  (24.957 EUR)
Konfigurasi perjalananTrailed
Production countryPolandia
Informasi lainnyaThe SIPMA PS 1315 HUZAR fixed chamber round baler is intended for harvesting hay, straw and green fodder for hay silage.

The SIPMA PS 1315 HUZAR fixed chamber round baler is intended for harvesting hay, straw and green fodder for hay silage.

An electronic control is responsible for adjustment and monitors the collection, binding and bale unloading cycles. The device also monitors the machine units for proper performance.
Functionalities of an electronic control:
starts and performs the automatic bale wrapping cycle,
defines the bale net wrap number,
monitors the even filling of the baling chamber,
defines and controls the pressure ratio and chamber fill ratio,
visualises actual operating stages,monitors and displays sensor status,
iindicates the number of rolled bales, the operating time, the work output and the amount of net remaining on the reel.
The chain-driven baling chamber with a mechanical locking system ensures an optimum bale mass for hay, straw and green fodder for hay silage, while assuring that the bale is rolled completely in the chamber in every operating conditions.
The non-stop chain lead and stretch system (which prevents the chain from stopping during the discharge of bales) increases the operating life of the machine. The reinforced chain design ensures a longer operating life and higher resistance to stress.
The rotation feeding and shredding unit with 11 knives guarantees that the material flows fast and efficiently to the baling chamber. The preset cutting length of 90 mm makes the material perfect for forming properly compacted green fodder bales. Cutting of the collected material makes the bales 20% heavier than bales rolled without cutting, which improves the material handling.
The mechanical locking system ensures that both chamber locks engage simultaneously and increases the pressure ratio.
The knife overload protection prevents damage of the shredder from stones and other foreign bodies. This also increases the machine operating life.
The pickup is 2 m wide and properly collects wide swath, even in tight turns, and the side conveyor screws assure smooth flow of the material to the shredding unit trough.
The pick-up press roller helps keeping the picked material flow even and pre-compacts the material.
The tool-free pick-up support wheel adjustment allows quick and easy setting of the pick-up working height and thus easily adapting the unit to various terrain conditions and swath depth.
The "duck-bill" net binder feeds the net directly to the rolling chamber, which produces properly bound bales.
The net loading and replacement is done from the ground level, without the need to scale the machine.
The bearing lubrication point groups reduce the servicing time, increase the bearing operating life and improve the machine operating comfort.
The automatic drive chain lubrication system improves the operating life and reduces the servicing time of the chains.
The wide angle PTO shaft with automatic clutch allows the machine to work on headlands and protects the baler from overload damage.

Model PS 1315 HUZAR
Pick-up width mm 2000
Chamber type chain-driven
Baling chamber dimensions
width mm 1200
diameter mm 1300
Chamber locking system mechanical
Max. number of knives pcs. 11
Knife protection mechanical
Knife operation hydraulic
Ground wheels pneumatic
PTO rotational speed rpm 540
Power demand
without shredding kW (HP) 55 (75)
with shredding kW (HP) 70 (95)
wide-angle PTO shaft with automatic clutch
pressing roller
net binder
electronic control
bearing group lubrication
automatic lubrication system
press clutch - option
wide tyres 400 / 60 - 15,5
wide tyres 500 / 50 - 17 - option
length mm 3700
width mm 2420
height mm 2300
Weight kg 2895

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Detail - Konfigurasi perjalanan: Trailed, Production country: Polandia