Bomet Garlic, spring onions, broad beans planter/sadzark

Harga belum termasuk PPN:
44.895.561 IDR
2.590 EUR
Harga belum termasuk PPN:
44.895.561 IDR
2.590 EUR
Kelompok produkOnion planters
Merek / modelBomet Garlic, spring onions, broad beans planter/sadzark
Tahun pembuatan2020
Extra optionsNew/unused
Lokasi mesinBiałystok
ID MascusF4D2A99D
Pilih mata uang
Harga belum termasuk PPN:44.895.561 IDR  (2.590 EUR)
PPN (23%)10.325.979 IDR
Harga termasuk PPN55.221.540 IDR  (3.186 EUR)
Konfigurasi perjalananMounted
Production countryPolandia
Informasi lainnyaFour-row planter - garlic, spring onion, broad beans

Gemma planters are available as 3-row, 4-row or 5-row machines. They are adapted to cooperate with 40 HP tractors equipped with category II three-point linkage. Planters are perfect for plantations in small and medium farms.

To meet the high agrotechnical requirements when growing vegetables regarding width of rows, row spacing and depth of planting, significant facilities were used. The machine's configurations allow it to be adapted to the requirements of garlic, onion, and broad bean growers. Adaptation of the planter for planting the appropriate seeds is obtained by mounting the appropriate cup size (28 mm or 35 mm) in the tank on the transport chain. The cups can be easily replaced by screwing them into the chain connection links.

Another important parameter is the spacing between rows. A 3-row planter allows you to plant seeds in a row spacing from 12 cm to 48 cm, 4-row: from 12 cm to 32 cm, 5-row: from 12 cm to 24 cm.

The seed spacing in a row can be adjusted from 9.5 cm to 21.5 cm. The adjustment is done by replacing the chain wheel on the drive shaft. The use of Taper Lock bushing for mounting chain wheels allows for easy assembly and disassembly of a new wheel.

Seed planting depth is adjusted in steps with supporting wheels in the range of 3, 5, 7, 9 cm.

The planter wheel track enables cooperation with tractors with 135 cm or 150 cm wheel track. The planter wheels will be within the tractor wheel marks.

The machine is standard equipped with compaction wheels and a leveling shaft.

Technical data of the 4-row version

Number of rows: 4
Planting depth: 30, 50, 70, 90 mm
Row spacing: 120 - 320 - mm
Row spacing: 95, 115, 180 mm
Cup size: 28 or 35 mm
Capacity: 200 kg
Curb weight: 385 kg
Power demand: 28/38 kW / HP

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Detail - Konfigurasi perjalanan: Mounted, Production country: Polandia